Bun For Your Life by Karoline Barrett

25381504 I had this cozy on my Kindle.  Definitely an impulse buy as I hadn’t heard anything about it.  It is the first in a new series.  The protagaonist is Molly, she owns a bakery with her best friend.  She is divorced but still friendly with her ex.  She has a disagreement with another business owner who then ends up dead.  From there on out Molly finds herself in the the thick of the investigation.  There are hints of historical crime and bad blood between families.  Molly’s investigation really steps into high gear when the local police force is left as a skeleton crew due to an out of town training.  Will Molly’s Nancy Drew tendencies put her in the killer’s sights?

This was a fun, fast paced cozy with a light hint of romantic subplot.  Even though the theme was bakery related, it was not overdone.  I suspect the author realizes that there are many bakery themed cozies and so baking needed to be just a backdrop, not a major piece of the storyline and it worked really well.  I enjoyed it and would get another in the series.


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