Cold in the Earth by Aline Templeton

This was my first Aline Templeton book.  Book 7 was December’s read for the Kindle English Mystery Group at Goodreads but I didn’t read it because I didn’t want to start reading the series so far into it.  Cold in the Earth introduces DI Marjory Fleming, a DI, a farmer’s wife, mother,and daughter of an old school police officer, who doesn’t quite approve of a female DI.   The mystery surrounds some corpses that seem to be connected set against the backdrop of a farming community enduring an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.  The interwoven storylines really kept the pace moving.  Besides Di Fleming’s professional and family life, there is also Laura Harvey’s search for a long missing sister, and the Mason family’s own passionate dramatics.  The stories come together neatly and the conclusion is well done, if not entirely unexpected.

I will be reading more in this series to see how Di Marjory Fleming develops.

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