Ellery Adams Writing as J.B. Stanley

I really love this A Supper Club Mystery Series written by Ellery Adams as J.B. Stanley.  I definitely find it one of the better food based cozies.  I finished these two in the last couple days.   Chili con Corpses is book 3 and Stiffs and Swine is book 4 of the series.  I enjoyed both of the books, in particular I love the character of James, the professor turned small town librarian.  Between books 3 and 4, there are lots of romantic ups and downs, not just for James, as well as mysteries to solve.

In book 3, the supper club joins a Mexican cooking class and soon gets involved in a case involving poisoned food and murder.  This book also introduced a new charming character in the form of Milla, the cooking school teacher.  Interesting mystery with plenty of characters to place the blame on and investigate.

In Stiffs and Swine, James and the supper club are asked to judge a BBQ and pig beauty contest.  The mystery was well crafted and the setting certainly well defined, but what really stood out in this book were the developments in the personal lives of the Supper club members.  James, especially, has some hard decisions to make by the end of the book.

This is definitely a well written series with mysteries that are fun and interesting to follow along with to the resolution.  One of the strongest features of these books is the growth the characters show over time.  These are not static characters and I really appreciate that.  James seems to be growing in self confidence, as he shrinks in size!

I look forward to reading the next books in the A Supper Club Mystery series.


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