Arsenic and Old Cake by Jacklyn Brady

  This is the third book in the A Piece of Cake Mystery series.  I have to say it was not my favorite.   I really enjoyed the first two and while the character Rita Lucero remains true to form, I found that some of the plot elements seemed forced.  Rita goes “undercover” with Gabriel to do a little investigatory favor for a friend.  During the course of the investigation a murder occurs and things take off from there.  We meet another whole cast of characters, residents of a B & B that Rita and Gabriel stay at for the investigation.

There is also a plot line about  problems on the bakery front, this involves the other recurring characters, Miss Frankie, Ox and Edie.  Given the economy currently, the problems the luxury bakery are experiencing are very realistic and made  the book feel very current.   I just found Rita’s involvement in the mystery this time really far fetched and I also wasn’t thrilled that we seem to be heading to another love triangle.

I have enjoyed the series so far and so I will read the next book when it comes out.  I really like the character of Rita and the setting of the New Orleans bakery.